Positivity Catalyst MD

I am Dr. Oneeka Williams, your Positivity Catalyst MD. I am a board certified urologist, author, storyteller, teacher and entrepreneur and I am on a mission to use the positive power of story to Educate, Elevate and Empower you to achieve whole health, pursue your dreams and live a life without limits!

As a Positivity Catalyst MD , I accelerate the positive transformation of what is already within you to unleash your unlimited.

Unlimited Courage

Unlimited Hope

Unlimited Love

Unlimited Joy

Unlimited Peace

Unlimited Forgiveness

Unlimited Grace

Unlimited Power

Unlimited Favor

Unlimited Faith

I invite you onto the
Island of Positivity to
Redefine, Recharge, Reset
before you Resume!

Take a Positivity Pause with the Island of Positivity Booster Pak and Positivity Catalyst Kit and be transported to the shores of well-being and joy! Luxuriate in calming, refreshing and restorative natural scents delivered in the form of bath salts, body scrubs, body soufflés, candles and diffuser oils.

You can also be a Positivity Catalyst and treat a friend, colleague or family member to this healing experience. It is time for REST and RESTORATION !

I can’t wait for you to take a Positivity Pause for SelfCare and to extend this gift to someone else. Enjoy these amazing products that I have designed just for YOU!

Positively yours,
Dr. Oneeka Williams


Ascend into the Positive Expectations of Good! 

Lavish yourself with this appealing blend of lemongrass, lime, mango, current, tangerine and lavender soothes, encourages and invites you into an oasis of blissful calm and optimism!


Revel in the Timeless Power of love!

Embrace this sultry alchemy of amber, jasmine, lily of the valley, orchid, plum, tonka, vanilla and wood, inspired by the Yoruba word for love. Be infused and serenaded by the magical melody of a rich legacy that empowers, elevates and reassures that “we shall overcome, we shall overcome, we shall overcome, some day!”


Be infused with your Divine Possibilities! 

Immerse yourself in this pleasing mix of coconut, cardamom, musk, green tea, mandarin and lemongrass guaranteed to inspire, uplift and usher in connection to your inner champion!


Every breath is a Winning Declaration!

Wrap yourself in this tangy celebration of grapefruit, coconut, peach, lime and mangosteen and be transported to the pinnacle of well-being and joy!

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Scents and textures that take you back in time, awake urges to escape back to nature, calming and relaxing, surrounded by fruits and flowers, that offer a deeply soothing aromatherapy.
— Ife
Customer reviews
“I am usually not a fan of fruity skin products but Victory has the right balance of fruity which does not overwhelm, very relaxing and definitely spa-like (and this is the invigorating scrub 😂), leaves skin so smooth and moisturized that I skipped lotion (and I have dry skin and usually don’t go without it, especially in winter)”
— Victory!
Customer reviews
“I opened the gift package and .... oooooohhhzzing with soooo much goodness and positivity. I loved loved the experience of opening and discovery!!”
— Positivity Catalyst Kit
Customer reviews
“The UnLimited oil. Sweet. Citrusy. Calming. But with undertone of love. Makes sense it would be unlimited oil. Because it smells like tapping into source of unlimited which is calm, peace and love.”
— Unlimited