Not Today Negativity

$20.00 USD

Join a NEW MOVEMENT of men and women that are saying Not Today, Negativity and instead, are choosing to shift cultures and empower people to live an UNLIMITED Life...

Have you ever felt like you were in a battle with negativity? Dueling over anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, health issues, inequitable treatment, fear about your and your children’s future in an increasingly divided world that leaves you feeling depleted and discouraged?

I’ve been there! After years of infertility, heartbreaking losses, daggers of racism and sexism, toxic work environment, COVID-19, and a boss who killed his wife.... negativity threatened to drive me under the covers. But I fought back!

Not Today, Negativity invites you to:

  • Practice 5 Habits of Positivity to kick negativity to the curb
  • Extract the power of your stories so you can rise above your circumstances
  • Achieve whole health
  • Live a life without limits
  • Become a Positivity Catalyst